A Socio-Legal Analysis of Women's Health as a Reflection of Women's Status in Nigeria

Dr. Funmi Bammeke,
Asikia Ige
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Nigeria is a signatory to many international conventions and declarations on women, yet the status of women belies the provisions of these instruments. One of the areas which reflect the contradiction of international instruments in Nigeria is the area of women’s health. Government’s free health service is a ruse and health services in Nigeria are in reality expensive and beyond the reach of many women. The mental, physical and reproductive health of women should be prioritized given the primacy of the well being of women for the health of children in particular and the welfare of household and community in general;. This article presents a socio-legal analysis of the impediments to achieving optimum women’s health in Nigeria. It demonstrates how social and cultural factors heighten the impairment of women’s health in spite of the state’s professed commitment to treaties at the international and regional levels.

Keywords: Socio-Legal, Women's Health, Women's Status
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Dr. Funmi Bammeke

Lecturer, Department of sociology, University of Lagos
Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria

I am a teacher/researcher. My areas of academic and research interest include Gender Studies, Sociology of the Family and Social Work. I obtained a B.A(Hons)in English from the University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University)Ile-Ife in 1984; a Masters Degree (Sociology) from the University of Lagos in 1994 and a Ph.D in 2004.I enjoy research in spite of the challenges in my part of the world.My role as a university teacher gives me the opportunity to influence young people in my society to believe in themselves and strive to make positive contributions to the society.

Asikia Ige

Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Lagos
Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria

Asikia Ige is a lecturer in the Department of Jurispudence and International Law of the University of Lagos. Her areas of academic and research interest include International Law and Humanitarian Law. She is also a graduate student.

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