Safeguarding Children - Whose Responsibility?

Ms Susan Melanie Taplin,
Ms Fran Fuller
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Traditionally, child protection has been seen as the province of social work. However, it has become evident that, to ensure the maximum protection for children, responsibility should be shared across the professions. This workshop will seek to raise international awareness of child protection and highlight the importance of shared responsibility. It will seek to promote the necessity of good communication between the 'protectors of children' and , by enshrinig this ideology within continual professional development, to ensure better outcomes for children at risk.

In order to be able to protect children effectively there needs to be an awareness and understanding of the diversity of cultures and traditions within society, both nationally and internationally, and an understanding of different professional cultures. Within this understanding, there is a fundamental need to recognise the rights of children. All professionals who work with children can benefit from education in child protection issues, and this is particularly effective when delivered in an interdisciplinary common learning framework.

This workshop will present an evolving case study which can be used in a practical or virtual sense. It will incorporate a variety of professionals by analysing their relative roles and responsibilities and their potential response to particular issues and situations involving children at risk.

Keywords: Child Protection, Social Work, Interprofessional Learning
Stream: Education and Social Welfare
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
Paper: Safeguarding Children - Whose Responsibility?

Ms Susan Melanie Taplin

Lecturer in Social Work, Centre for Social Work
School of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Nottingham

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, UK

Since 2004, I have been employed as a Lecturer in Social Work, previously at the University of Derby, and currently at the University of Nottingham.
I have a number of specialist interests: as Director of Practice Learning in the Centre for Social Work, I am responsible for co-ordinating practice placement opportunities for students, and encouraging students to make links between theory and practice.
I am also particularly interested in interprofessional education, which stems from my years of practice in palliative care, where I worked as part of the multi-disciplinary team, delivering care to patients with life-threatening illnesses and their families and carers. During this time, I gained the Practice Teachers' Award, and very much enjoyed hosting student placements at the Hospice where I was working, teaching by example the holistic approach to care which the hospice movement promotes.
I also served on the National Executive Committee of the Association of Palliative Care Social Workers, promoting the interests of service users and carers and those working in this significant area of practice.

Ms Fran Fuller

Programme Leader, Social Work Programme
Faculty of Education, Health and Sciences, University of Derby

Derby, Derbyshire, UK

I currently hold three qualifications in the field of social care - A Diploma in Youth and Community Work/ Higher Education, a Diploma in Social Work and a Masters Degree in Childcare Practice and Law, for which I conducted research on the Participation of Children in Children Looked After Reviews.
Having worked as a residential social worker with children with learning disabilities, I worked for five years as a Child Protection Officer, and thereafter for three years in Staff Development, while continuing with freelance and consultancy work, which I have undertaken over the past five years.
For the past year I have been employed as Programme Leader on the BA(Hons) Applied Social Work Degree at the University of Derby, and am currently undertaking a postgraduate course in learning and teaching.

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