Critical Research of Graduate Outcomes: Improvement of Quality Professional Social Care Service Delivery

Judith Oliver
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The intention of this project was to enhance the ability of graduates of Queensland University of Technology’s (QUT) Bachelor of Social Science (Human Services) degree to address the complex, changing and diverse social care needs of service users and communities, and to better meet the professional practice standards and expectations of employers and professional bodies. It was envisaged that by using Human Service graduate outcomes and feedback, and industry input, to collaboratively develop relevant undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum, the quality of professional social care service delivery would be improved.

Methodology involved both qualitative and quantitative analysis from sources such as focus groups, industry forums and finally a questionnaire. Data analysis focused on identifying the degree of graduate satisfaction with course preparation; curriculum requirements to address graduate and industry needs and relationships between graduate outcomes and undergraduate curriculum.

The overall results of the questionnaire indicate that participants were mostly positive in their responses regarding the adequacy and relevancy of the undergraduate curriculum in preparing students for professional practice in the social services.

Keywords: Graduate Outcomes, Industry Input, Curriculum - Undergrad and Postgrad, Professional Social Care Service Delivery, Improved Quality of Service Delivery
Stream: Education and Social Welfare
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Developing the Human Service Curriculum using Graduate and Employer Feedback

Judith Oliver

Lecturer, Professional Practice Program, School of Humanities and Human Services, Queensland University of Technology
QLD, Australia

Judith worked at the front line of child protection work for many years at the Crisis Care unit for the Queensland State Government. She moved to areas of policy, Ministerial senior liaison work and Manager of a large child protection area office prior to taking up her current teaching position. Judith is finalising work on her Doctorate of Social Science degree. She has recently undertaken community service work in East Timor working with war orphans in outlying villages and plans to resume this work later this year.

Ref: I06P0151