Privileging Corporeality: Physical, Psychological and Emotional Effects of Gendered Experience in the Principalship in a Globalising Economy

Prof. Karen Starr
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There is scant attention paid to the gendered structuring of emotion and identity, in research into educational administration. How experiences impact on the body is usually an undercover, never unearthed subject matter, yet experience constitutes identity. This paper presents an immanent critique of the gender regimes circulating in educational administration (Connell, 1996) as experienced by women principals.

Extending Connell’s (1996) social theory of gender, this paper explores the body in the social practice of the principalship and discusses the ways in which women principals related gendered structures of power, production and cathexis to the cultural, social and organisational manifestations of a globalised economy and concomitant restructured and reformed educational workplaces.

Keywords: Gendered Experience in Educational Leadership, Corporeality, Emotionality, Re-structured/Re-formed Education
Stream: Education and Social Welfare, Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Gender
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Prof. Karen Starr

Chair, Leadership and School Renewal, Faculty of Education, Deakin University
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Ref: I06P0158