Can Ethical Decision Making be Taught? East and West

John F Hulpke
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Can ethics be taught? Can we teach how to make decisions in issues involving ethics? Preliminary results suggest we can. We describe how we teach managerial ethical decision making using a tool we call the JUSTICE framework. Each letter introduces a decision making criterion: J for Justice, U for Utilitarian, S for Spiritual Values, T for TV Rule, I for Influence, C for Core Values, and E for Emergency. We do not know if ethics can be taught, but we now believe we can teach our students learn ways to face managerial ethical decisions. What the JUSTICE model lacks in theoretical underpinning it makes up for in pragmatic results. Our students learned (memorized) all 7 criteria, and learned to select their three favorites, and then to use the model to decide in numerous cases. It works.

Keywords: Ethics, Ethical Decision Making, JUSTICE
Stream: Economics and Management
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John F Hulpke

Professor, Management of Organizations Department, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Clearwater Bay, Hong Kong, China

Professor John F Hulpke has been teaching management courses at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology since June 30 1997, the last day the British ruled Hong Kong. Since receiving his Ph.D. from University of California, Berkeley, Professor John F. Hulpke has lived, worked, and taught in USA, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. He is active in business and academic groups. Hulpke has been at HKUST since 1997, teaching Business Ethics, Leadership, and other management topics at undergraduate and MBA levels.

Before entering academic life, Hulpke held a variety of jobs including shipyard electrician, post office clerk and delivery truck driver, United States Air Force officer, Vice Consul (Visa Officer) in the U S State Department. He also worked on a program to help hard-core unemployed become fully employed.

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