Young Boy Prostitution: Sexual Secrecy Discourse

Dr. Phitak Siriwong
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This study focuses on a prostitution process of male middle school students and a process of its social production and reproduction. The study is a qualitative interview analysis based on a discourse analysis by Fairclough. In-depth interviews were conducted with 40 male middle school students between the ages of 13 and 15 years who attend public schools in Bangkok under Ministry of Education. The results show that an under-age prostitution is a hidden behavior in a society. Despite the fact that child prostitution is illegal and has heavy penalties, the law cannot be enforced because the match of demand with supply. The commercial sexual activity is an easy way to earn money for these minors for use in buying legal and/or illegal goods. These young boys proceed by making phone calls to prospective homosexual customers with strategies such as offering a new boy to a repeat customer and requesting to come with another friend. The compensation is typically 300-1500 bahts.

Keywords: Sexual Discourse, Boy Prostitution, Sexuality
Stream: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Gender
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Dr. Phitak Siriwong

Assistant Professor, Department of Community Development 
Silpakorn University
Phetchaburi Campus
Phetchaburi 76120, Silpakorn University

Phetchaburi, Thailand

Now I am working at department of Community Development Silpakorn University, I am interested in Gender study and community Development field.

Ref: I06P0185