Access to Food and Food Security in Indonesia: A Case of City of Semarang

Ms Maria Widyarini,
Dr A.A Banyu Perwita,
Nurhayati Surbakti
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This study argues that level of access to economy has significantly influenced the people access to food. The low level of access to economy has limited the people access to food which will then give a negative impact to their health security. In other words, the food security in Indonesia, especially in the city of Semarang is very weak.

Keywords: Human Security, Food Security, Access to Food, Economic and Agricultural Policy
Stream: Politics, Public Policy and Law
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Access to Food and Food Security in Indonesia

Ms Maria Widyarini

Vice Head of Business Administration Deparment, Business Administration Department, Parahyangan Catholic University, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences

Major Interest : Economics Modelling

Dr A.A Banyu Perwita

Dean of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, International Relations, Parahyangan Catholic University

Nurhayati Surbakti

Lecturer and Researcher, Business Administration Department, Parahyangan Catholic University

Ref: I06P0019