Domestic Migrations in Vietnam During the Last Two Decades: Scope, Directions and Socio-Economic Motivation

Dr Duc Do Thi Minh
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During the economic boom in Vietnam migrations are related closely to the redistributions of productive forces at national scale and the restructuring of the national economy. So the scope of migrations is growing up and it is of course still changing. The directions of inter-regional migrations are more complicated.

Two main types of migration: 1/ Rural-to-rural, related specifically to the establishment of new economic zones and expansion of cash crops plantations; 2/ Rural-to-urban, related to accelerating industrialization and urbanization in recent years.

In this article, the author analysed the spatial patterns of inter-provincial and inter-regional migration in Vietnam, based on the Vietnam 1989 Population Census, Migration surveys to Hanoi (1996) and to Ho Chi Minh City (1997)Vietnam 1999 Population and Housing Census and Vietnam 2004 Migration Survey. This is focused on the scope, directions of migrations, social features of migrants and interrelation between migration and regional development, urbanization in particular.

Keywords: Vietnam, Migration, Economic Reform, Urbanization, Regional Development
Stream: Sociology and Geography
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Domestic Migrations in Vietnam During the Last Two Decades

Dr Duc Do Thi Minh

Associate Head, Department of Socio-economic Geography, Faculty of Geography, Ha Noi University of Education
Hanoi, Hanoi, Viet Nam

Associate professor, Doctor of socio-economic geography. Main interests are on urban geography, rural development, migration patterns and behaviour, social impact assessment of resource development projects.
Spent one year (2003) in the United States (California State University, San Bernardino) as visiting professor. Involved in a number of international projects funded by AIDAB (now AuSAID), ADB, WB, EU, NORAD, IUCN.
Delivered different courses for undergraduate students, MA students an PhD at the Hanoi University of Education and other Universities in Vietnam.

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