Social Networks Created by New Technologies: Perspectives from Art and Architecture

Ioannis C. Yessios,
Olga Pantelidou
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Advancements in technology and science create new ways of understanding and living. Specifically, information, and communication technologies allow new forms of interaction. Theoretical advancements generate new understandings of how societies function. In fact, science/philosophy and technology form a feedback loop in which advancements in one creates advancement in the other. This expands our ability to think about the world. The role of the artist or architect in this cycle is to adopt and explore the results of this cycle, often creating results that cannot be predicted from within this cycle.

This paper will explore Social Networks that are being created by new technology. It will give specific examples of work of artists and architects, and how the technology imbedded in this work often creates new social networks. It will start by looking at work form the end of the 20th century. Early works, predating the Internet, tend toward utopian vision. The next generation of work focuses on the negative. The current generation of work, created by individuals immersed in the technology, attempts to better understand the problems offers solutions.

This paper will also seek to address the discourse generated by the work of architects and artists. By adopting new technologies in their work, they create a critical discourse of existing social networks and of technologies that affect these networks. As such, they participate in the aforementioned feedback loop. Through the use of technology, architects and artist play the dual role of technologist and theorist. Unlike scientists and engineers, grounded in problems of the physical world, artists and architects react to problems in social domains. This makes them, in part, social theorists. When their theory and new technologies are applied to their work, they become technologists as well. This activity brings a social aspect to the discourse of new technology.

Keywords: Architecture, Art, Social Network, Technology, Information, Communication
Stream: Media and Communications, Technology and Applied Sciences
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Social Networks Created by New Technologies

Ioannis C. Yessios

Assistant Professor, Technology Integrated Media Environment, Cleveland Institute of Art
Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Ioannis C. Yessios (Yianni) is an information artist and designer. He holds Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Princeton and a Masters of Fine Arts in Art and Technology from Ohio State University. In the past he has worked as a technical web designer and performed extensively on stage, especially as a mime. This diverse background leads to the creation of artwork that includes performance, installation, programming, video, and 3D animation. His work tends to use technology to create a discourse about how technology adopted by society affects society. He has exhibited his work in both the United States and Europe. For the past five years he has been Assistant Professor at the Cleveland Institute of Art, where he teaches a mixture of theory and studio course in the Technology Integrated Media Environment major.

Olga Pantelidou

PhD Candidate, School of Architecture, National Technical University of Athens
Thessaloniki, Greece

Olga Pantelidou is an architect engineer for “Themis Construction Co”, a company supervised by the Minister of Justice, where she works as a construction supervisor for buildings such as Court Houses and Prisons. She also teaches at the University of Thessaly at the department of Planning & Regional Development. She holds two master degrees, one in Information Technology, and another in of Architecture and Philosophy. She currently is a PhD candidate at the School of Architecture at National Technical University of Athens, where her studies focus on how technology affects the design of office buildings. In 2004, she participated in the 9th International Exhibition of Arcitecture, “Bienalle di Venezia” having the theme “Metamorph”, with a collaborative project entitled: “Advertisment in localities' Interconnection”. The same project was exhibited at the new Benaki Museum at Athens during January 2005.

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