Teen Parents: Examining the Influences of ‘Place’ on their Social Inequalities

Ms Meredith McIntyre,
Prof Carol Morse
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Teen parenting is associated with long term, insurmountable obstacles to the young parents’ educational status and employability, maintaining them and their child/ren in multi-faceted cycles of disadvantage. This paper will identify strengths and capacities of young parents vs. personal inadequacies and vulnerabilities that enhance/impede person-environment connections that will facilitate/adversely affect social inclusion prospects. In addition the influences of ‘place’ (neighbourhoods) that determine young parents’ adaptive/ defeating decision-making and subsequent chances in life will be explored along with barriers that preclude young parents from returning to education and training, necessary for them to break the cycle of social disadvantages that accrue for themselves and their offspring.

Keywords: Teen Parents, Social Inequalities, Cycles of Disadvantage, Importance of ‘Place’
Stream: Education and Social Welfare
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Ms Meredith McIntyre

Senior Lecturer, School of Nursing & Midwifery, Monash University
Melbourne, VIC, Australia

An academic and more recently an academic manager with extensive experience in senior management roles and curriculum development, developing courses in midwifery and women’s health at undergraduate, postgraduate and masters level. Meredith currently holds the position of Vice President, Australian College of Midwifery (ACMI) Vic Branch.

Meredith is experienced in research supervision of students undertaking honours, minor thesis and research masters. Chair of the midwifery research group, research interests and activities include, over the counter and herbal preparation use in pregnancy, sustainable models of maternity care in rural areas, intellectual disability and maternity care experience, teen pregnancy, breastfeeding outcomes and issues pertaining to postnatal care services.

Prof Carol Morse

Monash University
Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Professor Carol Morse is a Health Psychologist with over twenty years experience in researching women's reproductive health, mood disorders in pregnancy and transition to parenting, trans-cultural research and ageing.

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