How Do Colleges and Universities Create Global Citizens?

Dr. Jade G. Winn
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This paper reports the institutional factors that correlate with global citizenship scores of graduate students. Results from a study of 200 graduate students at 2 Southern California Universities identified variables that are institutionally controlled and statistically significantly correlated with scores on the Global Citizenship Scale (GCS). Graduate students were surveyed so that variables from their previous degree granting institutions could be analyzed. Institutional data was collected for each school from the Integrated Post-Secondary Educational Data Set (IPEDS) and analyzed through regression analysis.

Keywords: Education, Social Welfare, Social Returns to Education, Global Citizenship, Higher Education, Post-Secondary Education, College Students, Social Justice
Stream: Education and Social Welfare
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: How Do Colleges and Universities Create Global Citizens?

Dr. Jade G. Winn

Assistant Prof., Coordinator of Instruction & Outreach
University of San Diego
Copley Library, University of San Diego


Dr Winn's research focus is on quantitative methods for the social returns to education. Current research is focused on global citizenship as an outcome to higher education. The Global Citizenship Scale that she developed for her dissertation is being refined for dissemination.

Ref: I06P0242