Local Labour Market Effects on Unemployment

Assoc. Prof. Scott Baum
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There has been a significant level of interest on the impacts of neighbourhood effects on a range of outcomes including employment and unemployment, deviant/anti-social behaviour and quality of life. What this type of research has attempted to investigate is the extent to which individual level outcomes are nested in higher order influences (neighbourhoods). The objective of this paper is to begin considering the ways in which employment outcomes measured at the individual level are a function of both individual level characteristics as well as characteristics of the local labour market. The paper uses the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) survey combined with aggregate local labour market data to model employment outcomes. In doing so it provides some insight into the interactions between individual level outcomes and broader neighbourhood or regional outcomes.

Keywords: Local Labour Markets, Unemployment, Neighbourhood Effects
Stream: Sociology and Geography
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Assoc. Prof. Scott Baum

Researcher, Urban Research Program, Griffith University
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Scott Baum is Associate Professor and Australian Research Council Research Fellow in the Urban Research Program, Griffith University, Australia. Trained in economics and sociology his research interests include the socio-economic aspects of urban and regional transformations, including distributional equity, housing preferences and choice, residential mobility and the impact of globalization on cities and labour market outcomes. He has published several books, book chapters and journal articles. His books include Community Opportunity and Vulnerability in Australia’s Cities and Towns and A Decade of Change: A Social Atlas of Brisbane and the South East Queensland Region and Fault Lines Exposed: Advantage and disadvantage across Australia's settlement system. His current research includes analysis of local labour market outcomes.

Ref: I06P0249