Brazilian Consumer Behavior: Satisfaction Levels of Users of Collective Transportation

Prof. Marcos Ferasso,
Ms. Jorge Alberto Velloso Saldanha
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The present study has as main objective to analyze the satisfaction degree of the buses comfort attribute in the collective transportation of Florianópolis/Santa Catarina/Brazil. The study has been characterized as exploratory and descriptive, with quantitative nature, making use of the Likert scale type. The results indicate that independently of sex, age and education level, 75.00% of the users consider the attribute important or very important and the majority of these (more than 50.00%) is satisfied or very satisfied with this attribute.

Keywords: Consumer Behavior, Satisfaction, Comfort, Collective Transportation
Stream: Economics and Management
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Consumer Behavior and Services Satisfaction

Prof. Marcos Ferasso

Professor, Professor at Unoesc, ACSA

Administrator, Specialist in Business Management by UNOESC.
International Labour Organization/United Nations Student of the Local Development Course/Turim-Italy.
Professor at UNOESC/São Miguel do Oeste/Santa Catarina/Brazil.
Rua Guilherme José Missen, 75-São Miguel do Oeste/Santa Catarina/Brazil. 89900-000.

Ms. Jorge Alberto Velloso Saldanha

Professor, Professor at Univali, Univali

Administrator, Master’s Degree in Management by UFSC
Professor at Univali/São José/Santa Catarina/Brazil
R. Antônio Scherer, 330, ap. 206. Kobrasol/São José/Santa Catarina/Brazil. 88102-090

Ref: I06P0025