The Educational Principles for the Development of Interdicplinary Sciences: An Analytic Approach to the Development of Interdiciplinary Social Sciences

Ali Khorsandi Taskoh
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There are, generally speaking, two main approaches concerning the development of interdisciplinary sciences about social sciences In terms of educational theories. They are, at the first, curriculum development and second, educational planning. There are,in terms of educational planning, two sub approach about the development of interdisciplinary social sciences; first, functionalism approach and second realism approach. In terms of functionalism approach a new interdisciplinary major should meet the new social demands and needs. And in terms of realism approach, a new interdisciplinary major should be planned on the bases of a scientific process and research plans. The essential points, in terms of curriculum development, that should be attended, concerning the development of interdisciplinary social sciences, are designing credits and textbooks, teaching styles, and evaluation methods.

Keywords: Educational Planning, Social Sciences, Interdiciplinary Sciences, Curriculum Develoment
Stream: Psychology, Cognitive Science and the Behavioural Sciences, Education and Social Welfare, Other or Stream Unspecified
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Ali Khorsandi Taskoh

Research Faculty Member, Humanities Department, Center for Cultural and Social Studies/ Ministry of Sciences
Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

I have graduated in Education from state universities in Iran. My M.A thesis about " The Role of Universities in Development of Dialogue among Civlizations" was elected as the High Quality Dissertation of 2001 in IRAN and I have received several letters of appreciation from scientific authorities in the sake of that.
My main scientifice activities are as followes:

A: Book
1. Communicative System in Education of Iran.
Publisher: Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran
Date of Publish: Aug 2004
2. Higher Education Encyclopedia
Publisher: Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran
Date: May 2004
Note: This Encyclopedia has been compiled by several scholars and researchers.
3.University Dialogue about Civilizations.
Publisher: University of Isfahan
Date of Publish: (in press)
B: Translation
1. "Human Resource Planning(Published of UNESCO)".
(this translation has been done jointly with collaboration of Dr. S. Rajaepour from university of Isfahan).
Date of Publish: (In Press)
C: Paper (some of the selected paper)
1."Educational Challenges and Educational Planning in 21 Century.
Submitted for: Conference of Research Week in Universities. Isfahan university, Isfahan , Iran.
Date of presentation: Dec 2000
2. The Background of Behavior Sciences in Iran.
Submitted for: Cultural Studies Office at Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran.
Date of presentation: Aug. 2004
3. " The Role of University International Conferences in the Development of International Cooperatives".
Submitted for: international Conference of the Dialogue among Civilizations By Higher Education. Tehran university, Tehran. IRAN.
Date of presentation: 23-24/ Apr/ 2002
D. projects
1. The Situation of Iran Higher Education Compared to the world Universities.
Publisher: University of Tehran
2. A survey of Communicative Problems between High School and Higher Education in Iran.
Publisher: Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran.

At present I am working at a research center concerning social studies in the ministry of Sciences in my hometown as a researcher.
Ali khorsandi Taskoh

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