The Emergence of Nonverbal Immediacy as an Online Construct

Dr. Maria Victoria Perez Cereijo,
Dr Charla Markham Shaw
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Communication in the classroom is crucial to student satisfaction and course content impact. Verbal and non-verbal teacher immediacy has been found to affect student learning and satisfaction. Although immediacy has been well researched in face-to-face classroom environments, not much has been written about immediacy in online learning environments. This study seeks to determine if perceptions of instructor immediacy differ between face-to-face and online courses, and to identify behaviors employed by online instructors that communicate immediacy to students. The use of qualitative and quantitative measures will allow us the possibility of uncovering new immediacy factors as well as measure well-known immediacy factors in the not so well charted territory of the online classroom environment.

Keywords: Non-Verbal Immediacy, Web-Based Courses, Online Courses, Online Learning, Teacher Immediacy
Stream: Media and Communications
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Emergence of Nonverbal Immediacy as an Online Construct, The

Dr. Maria Victoria Perez Cereijo

Assistant Professor, Department of Communication
Communication Technology Program, University of Texas at Arlington


Dr Charla Markham Shaw

Associate Professor/Interim Chair, Communication, University of Texas at Arlington

Ref: I06P0256