Women, Change and the Australian University: A Case Study

Dr. Ann Bramwell
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This paper discusses one aspect ( gender) of a much larger study which examined some of the major psycho-social sequelae resulting from organisational change, from the employees' perspective. Age, length of employment, type of job (academic or general staff), level of education and salary level were used to examine the female employees' perceptions of the effects of organisational change for them. Method: A 180 item, self administered questionnaire, examining the employees' perceptions of their organisations' Structural, Technological, Climatic, Systems and People readiness to handle change was administered. Other variables included respondents' perceptions of their job satisfaction, stress, depression, quality of working life, and their overall perceptions of the change process utilised by all levels of management.

Keywords: Women in Organisations, Organisational Change, Psycho-Social Sequelae of Organisational Change
Stream: Psychology, Cognitive Science and the Behavioural Sciences
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Dr. Ann Bramwell

Senior Lecturer, School of Psychology, Australian Catholic University
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

I have recently completed several years in senior administrative roles (Assistant, then Head of School) within our university. This was preceeded by administrative roles in hospitals (Charge Nurse, Director of Nursing) and the Australian Defence Force(Army). Having worked for over 20 years as a Registered Nurse, I sought a lifestyle change and established several small, mostly successful, business. Having a need for more secure employment I then obtained a lecturing position within the university sector and have lectured in Schools of Nursing, Education, Business, Arts and Sciences and more recently, Psychology. My lecturing and research interests have been influenced by my work experiences and academic study as well as my life experiences generally.

Ref: I06P0268