Drug-Eating and the Heavy Price of Stimulating Artistic Creativity: An Interdisciplinary Study

Marina Helou
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While literature relating drugs to crime, disease, black markets and addiction is plentiful and available, the contributions of drugs to artistic creativity remains an underwritten area of research. The literature reviewed in the current study notes the radically different views, and, at times, conflicting conclusions featured in the available studies; thus, making it difficult to generate simple answers to tag the heavy price involved in stimulating artistic creativity.

Using an overall interdisciplinary approach, and a more focused socio-psychological perspective, this study aims at exploring the possible contribution(s) of drugs – such as cannabis, opium and hallucinogens – and to a lesser extent alcohol, to artistic creativity; followed by an evaluation of the dear price involved in the process, which goes beyond the usual realm of social and economical costs to heavily impact the individual's physical and mental health.

Keywords: Drug-Eating, Artistic Creativity, Interdisciplinary Study
Stream: Psychology, Cognitive Science and the Behavioural Sciences
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Drug-Eating and the Heavy Price of Stimulating Artistic Creativity

Marina Helou

Division of Linguistics & Psychology, Macquarie University

Marina Helou is a Bachelor of Arts – Psychology candidate at the Division of Linguistics and Psychology, Macquarie University. She also serves as a member of the counselling team at Drug Arms. Her task entails providing support and counselling to individuals with different types of orders and attending various rehabilitation programs. Marina's research interests include alcohol and drug rehabilitation research, the unconscious and its impact on individual cognition, motivation and behaviour, self-control and behaviour modification research.

Ref: I06P0283