What am I Becoming? Crossing Borders and Teaching Theory in an Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program

Prof. Michael Anton Budd
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Focuses on the problems, practical implications and consequences of using theory in the introductory and capstone course framework of a non-traditional PhD program as a way to model interdisciplinary practice; considerations of the reading of De Certeau, Eagleton, Heidegger, Debord, Benjamin and Sebald by a diverse pool of doctoral candidates. In a non-discipline specific program a student in the introductory course asks "what are we becoming?" The impetus behind the creation of the program was the realization that in addition to specialists there is also a need for catalysts, translators and boundary crossers. Salve Regina University doctoral students have completed and are currently working on a wide range of interdisciplinary questions and problems in Philosophy & Ethics, Religious Studies, the History of Ideas, Art, Literature, Military History and Defense Policy, education, urban planning, mental health, human rights and the environment. The doctoral program curriculum is intended to introduce students to models that combine scholarly perspectives and engage them in the review and reassessment of major debates concerning the uses of evidence, theory and method within and across the disciplines. This is of course easier said than done. This paper is not a solution to the challenges inherent in the nature of all interdisciplinary work but a current snap shot of the specific struggle to meet some of the challenges.

Keywords: Interdisciplinarity, Teaching Theory
Stream: Anthropology, Archaeology, Cultural Studies and Humanities, Politics, Public Policy and Law, Technology and Applied Sciences, Other or Stream Unspecified
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: What am I becoming?

Prof. Michael Anton Budd

Associate Professor, Program Director, Humanities/Liberal Studies
Graduate Studies, Salve Regina University

Newport, Rhode Island, USA

Michael Budd (BS, University of Oregon, MA and PhD, Rutgers University); a fellow at the Rutgers Center for the Critical Analysis of Contemporary Culture; Bradford College (1995-2000); national program associate at Facing History and Ourselves Foundation (2000-02); lecturer at Rhode Island School of Design 1990-2005; recently appointed associate professor in the Salve Regina University Humanities and Technology Doctoral Program. His interests include the history of the body, colonial violence and revolution, historical film, Art & the Machine, Urban History, and military history & technology. He is the author of "The Sculpture Machine: Physical Culture and Body Politics in the Age of Empire" (Macmillan UK/ NYU Press 1997). Has written for City Limits, International Journal of Sport History, and Afterimage. Current research focuses on global consumer identity and the national body in relation to technology, memory, violence & authoritarian ideas.

Ref: I06P0286