Family 'Capitals' and Student Expectations

Dr' Panagiotis Moustairas,
Dr John Katsillis
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Family background is one of the most consistent determinants of educational and occupational expectations of student as well as of their academic and social success. In an attempt to explicate or refine the role of family background in the educational process, social scientists have developed and emphasized the role of various family “capitals”, such as physical, cultural or social capital. We examine their effects using a fully specified causal model of student expectations. Finally, we estimate the model separately for each sex to investigate possible interactions.

Keywords: Family Background, Educational Expectations, Professional Expectations, Social Capital, Cultural Capital, Fisical Capital
Stream: Education and Social Welfare
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Family 'Capitals' and Student Expectations

Dr' Panagiotis Moustairas

Teacher, Primary Education, Primary Education in Argolida
Argos, Argolida, Greece

Phd in Sociology of Education, master in education policy from the University of Patras. I have Pubications in scientific journals and conferences in Greece and in Europe.

Dr John Katsillis

Professor, Department of Primary Education, University of Patras
Patra, Achaia, Greece

Phd in Sociology of Education from the Florida State University (USA), Teaching in the University of Patras, Department of Primary Education, Sector of Sociology

Ref: I06P0289