Social Science - Science Collaborations: An Identity Perspective

Dr Michelle Riedlinger,
Ms Jenni Metcalfe,
Dr Anne Pisarski
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Interactions between the social sciences and science have often been seen as fairly simple and one-directional, one sector using the tools of the other for their own benefit. For example, tools from the social sciences are applied to help overcome the social, moral and economic challenges resultant from scientific and technological advances in areas such as genetics, nanotechnology and environmental management.

The dynamic is changing with scientists and social scientists working together on projects as valuable as understanding of how the brain perceives and responds to external signals, dealing with interactions between ‘patients’ and healthcare professionals, and creating more viable rural communities. These collaborations also provide new approaches to the public engagement with science and technology.

However, these cross-sectorial collaborations often require a reshaping of identity for those involved in order for them to communicate effectively. Using approaches taken from social psychology, this workshop will take participants through the constraints and opportunities for cross-sectoral communication in their own projects. It also examines examples of successful collaborations occurring within Australia and overseas and provide some recommendations based around the management of identity for those involved in cross-sectorial collaboration.

Keywords: Cross-sectorial Collaboration, Identity, Challenges, Opportunties, Communication, Science, Social Science
Stream: Natural, Environmental and Health Sciences, Technology and Applied Sciences, Research Methodologies, Quantitative and Qualitative Methods
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
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Dr Michelle Riedlinger

Communication Consultant, Econnect Communication
South Brisbane, Qld, Australia

Ms Jenni Metcalfe

Director, Econnect Communication
South Brisbane, Qld, Australia

Dr Anne Pisarski

Senior Lecturer, Business School, The University of Queensland
Brisbane, Qld, Australia

Anne Pisarski gained her PhD in 1999 from the Department of Management at The University of Queensland. She is a senior lecturer in communication at the UQ Business School, University of Queensland and formerly Program Director of the Business Communication program. She is currently supervising 2 PhD students both of whom should submit in 2002 and has supervised to completion 2 Masters and 2 Honours students. As an early career researcher, she has published several articles from her PhD in international refereed journals, has several more in press. She has presented conference papers at the last four International Shiftwork Symposia (Boston, USA, 1995, Majavik, Finland 1997, Germany, 1999, Hayama, Japan, 2001) and at the International Congress on Occupational Health and Safety, Singapore 2000. Anne recently won an ARC Linkage grant with colleagues from UQBS, UNSW and the Centre for Social Research in Communication. She has also gained an Industry Scholarship from Worksafe Australia in 1996 and has held a CUTSD grant and gained small grants from Queensland and Griffith Universities. She has reviewed articles for the Journal of Adolescence, Journal of Homosexuality, Journal of Lesbian Studies and Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health. She has also worked as an organisational consultant for over 18 years. Her main research interests are in the fields of organisational behaviour and communication.

Ref: I06P0291