Islamic Political Thought: Research Methodologies

Dr. Aliakbar Alikhani
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Some Muslim researchers believe that Islamic principles and sciences can affect contemporary social sciences; even they raise the possibility of developing Islamic theories for social sciences. Regarding the fact that Islam belongs to about 1400 years ago, a question is raised here on how such a development is possible. If we claim to introduce a general theory for social sciences and a particular theory for political sciences, two important issues need to be cleared: first, how can we claim and justify our method as Islamic; second, what are the methods to prevent misleading notions and false reasoning, avoid extremism in any direction, and circumvent violence and intolerance which is prohibited by Islam. This paper would initially discuss, categorize and introduce the current methods in Islamic political research. Then, after a brief analysis of each methodology, it would explain a methodology which would best avoid the above liabilities. The methodologies surveyed here include both ancient methodologies and contemporary methodologies practiced by Islamic philosophers.

Keywords: Methodology of Research, Islamic Political Thought, Social Sciences, Political Sciences
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Dr. Aliakbar Alikhani

Faculty Member and Vice Chancellor, Research Centre for Social Studies, Ministry of Sciences
Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Ref: I06P0306