The Development an Education Case for a Global Leadership Mindset in the Lifelong Learning Sector

Professor Jill Jameson
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The development education contribution to leadership practices for a global society and the case for a global mindset in educational leadership is analysed in this paper with particular reference to the UK lifelong learning sector. This is inherently informed by global feminist positions in synergistic leadership models. The distinctive endeavour provided by the UK Development Education Association (DEA) Centre for Excellence in Leadership (CEL) research project on global leadership in 2005-06 reported in the paper provides an examination of the contribution global perspectives can make to the enhancement of existing leadership development initiatives to promote learning in the learning and skills sector.

The paper investigates ways in which the growth of new leadership practices can contribute to networks to promote lifelong learning pathways in the context of the global dimension. The findings overall support the UK Department of Education and Skills (DfES) International Strategy (2004) to improve the quality of learning for a global society by helping to build the capacity of practitioners in the UK learning and skills sector to lead on this agenda, making a contribution to the two goals: (a) to equip adults for life in a global society and work in a global economy; and (b) to engage productively with international partners to achieve mutual development education goals.

Keywords: Global Leadership, Lifelong Learning, Synergistic Feminist Leadership Models, Development Education
Stream: Education and Social Welfare
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Professor Jill Jameson

Director of Research, School of Education and Training, University of Greenwich
London, Greater London, UK

School of Education and Training
University of Greenwich, London

Director of Research, specialist in Lifelong Learning, Post-Compulsory Education. PhD (King's) MA (Cantab.) MA (King's) PGCE (Nottingham), BA, PGSAPD (UCT).

Extensive experience of senior leadership, consultancy in education; lifelong learning, post-compulsory education; specialist knowledge in eLearning; education research; Doctoral supervisor (EdD); MA, PGCE principal lecturer, professional experience and publications record in lifelong learning, post-compulsory education; series editor of 24 new publications in FE.

Invited Member International Who’s Who of Professionals (2003 – to date);
Invited Biographee Marquis Who’s Who in the World (2005); Invited Biographee Dictionary of International Biography (2006).



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eLearning, hypermedia authoring, capacity-building research in lifelong learning, inc. further, adult, 14-19 and higher education: leadership, management and governance in the LSC sector, lifelong learning, adult & continuing education: F/HE partnerships.

Dr Jill Jameson, May, 2005

Ref: I06P0319