'Dressing Up' and Shopping Malls: A Woman's Perspective

Ms Nidhi Rustagi
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The research study ‘Dressing Up and Shopping Malls: A Woman’s Perspective’ aims at exploring the association between shopping malls and dressing up from the standpoint of a woman and how it reflects their typical social identities.

Theories on New Consumer Behaviour, Experiential Consumption and Gender Perspectives in Consumer Behaviour provide a necessary theoretical foundation to the study. Feminist literature have brought to the fore the significance of addressing a woman’s physical being in enquiries into their social identities. The outer appearance which is facilitated by the process of dressing is one such important aspect of a woman’s physical being. It is certain that social learning opportunities shape one’s identity and ‘dressing up’ or physical appearance is one of the ways through which it gets manifested. Consumption has also been related to identity in several ways. In one of the ways, using consumption to establish identity rests on manipulating its visible aspects, including clothing and personal appearance.

The approach of this study is exploratory and qualitative in nature and rests on treating each individual as a case for investigation and for providing information which is theoretically useful to the study. This approach is termed as ‘Case Study Research’. In all, eight case studies were undertaken for this study. In depth interviews comprising of discussion and projective techniques were used as a tool for data collection. Data was stored on audio tapes which were later transcribed for the purpose of analysis. The study reveals as to how women consumers are redefining the space called ‘shopping mall’ from a mere entertainment shopping zone to a multi utilitarian ‘public space'. The marketing implications that flow from the framework bring home the possibility of malls to enter the personal space of women thereby strengthening the relationship between experiential consumption in malls and women’s need for self fulfillment and enhancement.

Keywords: Gender Identity, Qualitative Study, Case Study Research, Shopping Malls, Dressing Up, Shopping, Self Fulfillment, Experiential Consumption
Stream: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Gender
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Ms Nidhi Rustagi

Alumnus, Marketing Research Concentration 2004 - 06, Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA)
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Ref: I06P0320