A Continuing Study of the Linguistic Self-concept of Heritage Speakers of Spanish

Dr. Barbara Gonzalez-Pino
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Drs. Pino and Gonzalez Pino are conducting a multi-year study of the linguistic self-concept of heritage speakers of Spanish. They first relate their study to the literature on attitudes toward U.S. Spanish, positing that the existence of these essentially negative attitudes in society has a detrimental effect on students linguistic self-concept. They compare heritage students' responses to a 25-item questionnaire asking for their self-assessment of their Spanish language proficiency to their actual scores on a contextualized taped simulated oral proficiency interview test of the language. They conclude with recommendations for Spanish programs wishing to be more effective in working with heritage students, emphasizing the need for attitude awareness.

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Dr. Barbara Gonzalez-Pino

Frank Pino, Professor; Barbara Gonzalez Pino, Associate Professor, Modern Languages, Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Texas at San Antonio
San Antonio, Texas 78249, USA

Dr. Frank Pino's research interests comprise the symbolism of Spanish poet Antonio Machado and Mexican American literature. Mexican American himself, he is a published poet. Dr. Barbara Gonzalez Pino is a specialist in oral language proficiency testing and foreign language instruction. They both conduct research in the teaching of Spanish to heritage speakers of Spanish in the United States.

Ref: I06P0322