Explaining Organizational Survival Using Bio-Inspired Survival Capabilities

Guy Kashi
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Explaining organizational survival using bio-inspired survival capabilities [Guy Kashi, Tzipi Buchnik, Itzik Polad, Professor Gad Rabinowitz] Science literature shows a growing trend of combination between different research fields [Anderson 1999]. For example, many researchers look for insights from the nature world in order to implement it in human world. Our research connects between fields as nature, human organizations survival and success, economics performance measurements, chaos and complex systems [McCarthy 2004, Montuori 2000, Joachim 2001, Kauffman 1996, Collins 1995, 2001]. We will present a new method for organization analysis using nature evolution and survival capabilities. We learnt nature and organization survival capabilities and evolution and we defined qualitative performance measurement based on organization theories.

During the research, 14 selected companies were investigated (~60 workers) using qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis methods. Our findings show that there are few bio-inspired capabilities that correlate with companies' stocks level and the company should take it in consideration in order to be more effective. The findings were presented to biology researchers and managers in several organizations and got positive feedback. The research can lead to many future research subjects and it can help organizations to improve their performance and success.

Keywords: Organization Capabilities, Survival, Management Effectiveness, Evolution, Success, Nature
Stream: Sociology and Geography, Economics and Management, Technology and Applied Sciences, Research Methodologies, Quantitative and Qualitative Methods, Other or Stream Unspecified
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Explaining Organizational Survival Using Bio-Inspired Survival Capabilities

Guy Kashi

Doctoral Candidate, BGU - Department of IEM: Industrial and Engineering Management, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Currently I study toward PhD. degree in BGU and work as lecturer in several courses.
The research covers the fields of management, economics, nature and organizations evolution. So far we have interesting findings that can influence organizations' effectiveness and have potential for future researches.

I worked at Intel company ~5.5 years as IE and Group Leader. At Intel, I had IE responsibility for the most critical tools and areas (total cost of ~400M$).

My M.Sc was done under Professor Gadi Rabinowitz coaching (Subject: "Transfer Batch in CONWIP Controlled Transfer Lines", M.Sc grade was special distinction).

I have great wife (Osnat) and 4 great kids (Tal, Chen, Nitzan and Aviv).

Areas of interests are: Leadership and management, Organizations theories, Emotional Intelligence, group dynamics and change management.

Ref: I06P0033