Students' Management of Learning

Dr Viola Y.Y. Wong
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The presenter studied the way a group of university students managed their learning process. On the basis of the data collected, she generalized students into three 'types'. She was conscious of the fact that although group generalizations may risk glossing over significant individual variability, a typology would be useful in analyzing complexity in the students’learning process, increasing one's capacity of understanding students’differences.

The presentation will include a description of a typology of students according to the constructs that were derived from a detailed investigation into the students’learning management, and a theory of 'dependence variance' regarding students' management of learning.

Keywords: Student-centred Approach, Typology of Students, Learning Management, Theory of 'Dependence Variance', Student Differences
Stream: Education and Social Welfare
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Students' Management of Learning

Dr Viola Y.Y. Wong

Assistant Professor, English Language Centre, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China

Dr Wong has been running and teaching English as a second language to university students for more than twenty years. She is actively involved in the launching and managing of new English programmes in curriculum reforms at university. She has a wide range of professional interests in the field of ESL and has contributed articles to ESL refereed journals and magazines. She has recently developed a special interest in learners' managnement of learning.

Ref: I06P0336