The Criminalization of Migration: Modern Challenges to Travel, Immigration, and Exchange

Prof. Pamella Seay
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The sovereign right of nations to define and control their boundaries also extends to the right to determine who shall and shall not be permitted to enter, to remain, and to become its citizens. From the fear of terrorism to the apprehension of uncontrolled pandemics, the ability of global citizens to travel, work, and live around the world has been increasingly limited. In many instances, travel has become a method of crime control and containment, by creating new categories of criminals that never before existed. This criminalization has adversely impacted business and industry as well as homes and families, creating strained relationships among countries, regions, and organizations. This paper analyzes the sources of these sovereign rights, their purposes, goals, and intentions, and explores the varied responses to global concerns that fuel the controversies.

Keywords: Immigration, International Law, Sovereignty, Travel
Stream: Politics, Public Policy and Law
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Prof. Pamella Seay

Associate Professor, College of Professional Studies
Division of Justice Studies, Florida Gulf Coast University

Fort Myers, Florida, USA

Pamella Seay is an associate professor in law at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, Florida, USA. Prof. Seay teaches international and comparative law, as well as constitutional law and criminal law in the Justice Studies Division of FGCU. She is an attorney, licensed to practice law in Florida and South Carolina and is Florida Bar Board Certified in International Law. She is a past member of the Florida Bar Professionals Ethics Committee. Prof. Seay has published numerous articles on international law, travel, and international business, including a book on international business now in its second edition. She earned her Juris Doctorate from the University of South Carolina School of Law where she was a member of the USC Law Review. She holds a BFA from Kendall College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and has also earned certifications in mediation, advertising design, and business. Her latest textbook, International Travel and the Global Experience, is in negotiation for publication.

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