The Continuing Crisis of Western Sociology: Reflections on Gender, Social Justice and Politicization

Prof. Muhammad A. Shuraydi
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The social sciences are still in a continuing crisis, even prior to Goulner's The Coming Crisis of Western Sociology,in search of their scientific identity.It is our contention that regardless of the acclaimed significant advances especially in qualitative methodology, the social sciences are still in a continuing crisis.The current status of knowledge is encapsulated in a battle of ideological camps linked to gender,class, ethinicity, and globalization but lacking in scientific, factual knowledge. The old search for "truth" by early social scientists has been overtaken by a new search for bigger grants.The new search for social justice has created its own injustices by the new gatekeepers of the social sciences, i.e.governmental and corporate agencies.

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Paper: Continuing Crisis of Western Sociology, The

Prof. Muhammad A. Shuraydi

Associate Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, University of Windsor
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

My interest covers both of my areas of interestplus the Arab/Muslim world.

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