The Internet and China’s Information Liberalization and Control

Dr. Yu Zhang
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China's media now serve three masters - the Party, the market and increasingly, the internet, which has opened a two-way communication system in China's longstanding, indoctrination-oriented media propaganda system, and push China’s media to be more informative than ever. The Chinese government censors the internet but it also uses the internet as a pressure valve to prevent mass frustration and to encourage a moderate complaint. Censors' inability to effectively patrol the internet has contributed to the liberalization of the Chinese media and society.

Keywords: China internet journalism
Stream: Media and Communications
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Paper: Internet and China’s Information Liberalization and Control, The

Dr. Yu Zhang

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Communication, State University of New York at Geneseo
Geneseo, New York, USA

His interest mainly focus on the transformation and reform of the Chinese media and journalism practice, media coverage of U.S.-China related issues and the changing Chinese communication.

Ref: I06P0390