Supporting Skills Recognition of Skilled Migrants and Refugees in Australia

Dr Regine Wagner
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The paper reports on research conducted in Australia with skilled migrants and refugees from non-English speaking backgrounds. Their stories were collected as part of a project, intent on improving recognition processes in higher education and employment. A pilot project with Iraqi and Chinese engineers contributing to their skills recognition is described and evaluated.

Keywords: Migration, Labour Market Exclusion, Skills Recognition
Stream: Politics, Public Policy and Law
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
Paper: Doctors become Taxi Drivers, So,

Dr Regine Wagner

Director, Centre for Learning and Social Transformation, School of Applied Social Sceinces, University of Western Sydney

Dr Regine Wagner's career has been across two countries, Germany and Australia. Strongly associated with Sozialpaedagogik in the context of youth and community work, she has earned a reputation as an applied social researcher in the key areas of
critical social pedagogy, community development and adult education
Working at UWS since 1993, Regine has played a leading role in the development of workbased degrees, partnerships and networks between UWS and other organisations and the establishment of various research concentrations. She is currently the Diorector of the Centre for Learning and Social Transformation. Most recently she has established a noted program for the assessment and development of skills and experience of professional migrants and refugees from non-English speaking countries in Ausrealia.

Ref: I06P0004