Words Have Meaning, Public Health Messages: Access or Exclusion

Angela Clarke,
Linda Connor
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Working in sustainable, equitable ongoing partnerships with priority popluations who experience being marginalised requires understanding the cultural and social ways that messages have meaning. The workshop will provide a safe, fun and action orientated opportunity to investigate and examine appropriate ways that public health mesages are developed and utilised to raise awareness about specific health and social health needs for women, Indigenous Australians and people living with chronic health and mental health conditions.

Keywords: Words have meaning, Public health messages:, Access or exclusion
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Angela Clarke

Deputy Director (Community Programs), Onemda VicHealth Koori Health Unit, The University of Melbourne
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Angela is Deputy Director (Community Programs) at Onemda VicHealth Koori Health Unit. University of Melbourne.
Angela is engaged in a range of health and social health research projects and programs both Indigenous and mainstream. Angela works from a human rights, public health and community developemnt framework.

Linda Connor

Community Development and Education Rural, Rural Program, Hepatitis C Council of Victoria
Brunswick, Victoria, Australia

I have worked in the area of womens issues, rural communities, with culturally and linguistically diverse communities and Indigenous communties in Australia. The focus of my work has been to build sustainable equitable ongoing partnerships that address the specific health and social health needs identified by the communties.
I work from a human rights and communtiy development focus mindful of issues that impact as a result of gender, race, ability,sexual preference, culture and age.
I live in coastal victoria in a rural town where I could become a beachcomber as an occupation.

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