The Power of One with Many: Inclusive Practices of Teaching and Learning

Coral Cara
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Inclusive teaching and learning practice in any class, at any level or sector is about ensuring that all students have access to quality programming and an environment that challenges and values the contributions of all participants. It is about creating a learning community within a learning community. It is about using strategies and approaches that will enhance learning and teaching opportunities for all members of that learning community. It is about the sharing and reflections that will embed and enhance learning for all. This model can be applied to any teaching and learning scenario from pre-school through to Tertiary and adult education. Based on real research in real school settings.

Keywords: Inclusive education, Multiliteracies, Multimodal learning, Effective teaching and learning, Collaborative shared practice, Accessible education, Shared learning
Stream: Education and Social Welfare
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Power of One with Many, The

Coral Cara

Lecturer, School Of Education, Faculty of Arts, Education and Human Development,
Victoria University, Victoria University

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Coral Cara has an extended multi faceted career in education and is passionate about inclusive accessible education for all. She is an educator, consultant and lecturer across all sectors and levels. Coral is currently working with University preservice teachers using innovative effective teaching and learning strategies that are learner centred and inquiry based. Coral has worked extensively on creating inclusive multimodal teaching and learning that creates engagement, retention and improved outcomes for staff and students.

Ref: I06P0402