The Design Management Process: How to Manage the Design Process in a More Efficient Way

Catalina Gandelsonas
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Design management deals with the management of the design process. Design is a complex process which requires many contributors who come from a wide variety of organisations. This gives rise to a complex design process including an exchange of information and knowledge which require efficient communication. Even the most experienced design teams can fail to manage this process and supply wrong information at the wrong time to members of the production team.

As the stakeholders involved in the management process are from different backgrounds and professions, they will obviously have different needs relating to their business goals, environment, culture, language and expectations. Also, as the stakeholders involved will generally consider their roles and interests as the most dominant, conflicts are bound to arise. Thus, a successful design management process requires a good knowledge of the stakeholders’ culture and clear communication between them.

The proposed presentation involves a discussion on interdisciplinary skills used in connection with the design management process.

Firstly, skills discussed are related to knowledge management. Tacit and explicit knowledge are taken into account in dealing with the conflicts resulting from various stakeholders who need to communicate but have different cultural and professional backgrounds.

Secondly, a discussion on the challenges of how to improve communication between people who hold different degrees of power is included.

Thirdly a new approach to stakeholder analysis is discussed.

Finally, different alternative ideas will be presented to facilitate the work of stakeholders throughout the various stages of the process.

Keywords: Communication, Knowledge Management, Design Process, Design Management, Stakeholder Analysis, Culture, Influence and Power
Stream: Psychology, Cognitive Science and the Behavioural Sciences, Economics and Management, Media and Communications
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Importance of Communication in the Design Management Process, The

Catalina Gandelsonas

Senior Lecturer, Department of Property and Construction
School of Architecture and the Built Environment, University of Westminster


Catalina Gandelsonas teaches BA and MA courses on Urban Design, Design Technology, Architectural Technology, History of the City and Research Methods at the School of the Built Environment, University of Westminster (London) and worked until recently as a Senior Research Coordinator at Max Lock Centre (U. Westminster) in various research projects related to Localising Habitat Agenda for achieving Urban Poverty Reduction and transferring knowledge for achieving Development both financed by the Department for International Development, London, United Kingdom.
As a professional architect-planner and Urban Designer she has worked as a consultant for various local authorities in US and Spain. She has also taught, undertook research and participated in juries at various universities including Berkeley and Princeton in US and Buenos Aires, Chile and Mexico in South America. For the past 12 years she has been based in London teaching at University College London and at the University of Westminster combining teaching with research relating to Pakistan, India, Kenya, Brazil and Northern Cyprus.

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