Physical Environment: Treatments and Perspectives

Dr. Loone Ots
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The aim of the current paper is to regard the specification ofphysical environment in the paradigm of modern education practices. The focus is laid on physical environment as instrument of power, quoting and negotiating the theoretical constructs of the 20th century and the results of some applied research on the influence of the pyhsical environment on academic results. The question if virtual learning environment can replace the formerly physical learning environment is debated as well as the idea about virtual environment as an instrument of avoiding the aggression of consumerist attitude and (re)production of passive society members.

Keywords: Education, Environment, Physical Environment, School, Virtual learning
Stream: Media and Communications, Education and Social Welfare
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Physical Environment at School

Dr. Loone Ots

Senior Researcher, Department of Educational Studies, Tallinn University
Tallinn, Estonia

Ref: I06P0448