Organic Food Consumption in Greece: Values and Motives

Dr George Frigkas
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The market of organic food is growing strongly in Greece, after a long period of inactivity. Nonetheless, there has been limited research concerning the values and motives driving Greek consumers at buying organic food, as well as the problems that exist on the level of information.
The present paper presents the findings of a questionnaire conducted during the last year in order to study the various values and motives that influence the consumers’ choice. At the same time, we provide an analytical presentation of the organic food market in Greece and the barriers that exist in the promotion of organic products.
It is argued that, contrarily to the organic food consumption in Western Europe and especially the Nordic countries, the consumer choice in Greece is mainly driven by factors relevant to health issues, under the influence of recent crisis faced by food companies. On the other hand, ethical and political motives seem to be far less important, especially at what concerns animal rights.

Keywords: Consumption, Organic food, Motives, Values
Stream: Economics and Management
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Paper: Organic Food Consumption in Greece

Dr George Frigkas

Lecturer, Department of Communication, Media and Culture,, Panteion University

George Frigkas was born in 1975 in Athens. He has studied Communication and Mass Media at Panteion University, Athens and graduated in 1997. In 2003 he has finished his PhD thesis entitled “Adaptations of Advertising and Marketing in the Network Society. The Greek Case” in Panteion University. His academic interests include the topics of Mass Media and Communication, Advertising, Public Relations, Marketing, the Internet, ICT, Online Communities, the Diffusion of Innovation.

He has published essays in European editions, and has presented many papers in various international symposiums and refereed congresses and journals. He has worked in Advertising, Web Marketing, and Journalism and for the last 3 years he is teaching Internet Advertising and Marketing in Panteion University and Marketing in the Technical Institute of Athens. He has worked as editor in chief for the monthly magazine “e.Market” (Compupress S.A. Publications) and as an editor for the Greek newspaper "Ta Nea".

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