Web 2.0: The Technology of Postmodern Social Sciences

Dr. Asher Idan
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The second generation of the Web (Web 2.0) has a huge potential for the Social Sciences. It is based on new technologies and methods that enhance "Glocal" creation (Blogs, Podcasts, Videocasts), sharing (tagging like www.Flickr.com and www.Del.icio.us.com), collaboration (Wiki), and mind augmentation (semantic technologies: agents, ontologies, etc.). Web 2.0 is changing the ontology of the social sciences: What is the kind of organization that creates the new kind of product like Wikipedia, Linux and blog-news? Is it a Wiki-Organization? What is a Wiki-Democracy? Is it a direct democracy or "Democracy 2.0? It is changing the methodology and the epistemology of the social sciences: Is Web 2.0 cause a radicalization of the postmodern mode of thinking? What is "an Open Code social science"? What is Wiki-Science and Wiki-Research? While Web 1.0 is based on HTML that can present knowledge, Web 2.0 is based on XML that can understand knowledge by Ontologies, and make it more interactive by Ajax.

Keywords: Web 2.0, Wiki-Organization, Wiki-Democracy, Science 2.0, Postmodernism
Stream: Economics and Management, Media and Communications, Technology and Applied Sciences
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Dr. Asher Idan

Lecturer, The Department of History and Philosophy, The Open University of Israel
Ranana, Israel

1994 –present: Lecturer in Bar Ilan University (Knowledge Management, Business Intelligence, eBusiness)
2002-present: Lecturer in John Bryce / Matrix (Nanotechnology, Quantum Technology, Semantic Web, Future Technologies for the Telecom).
1984-Present: Lecturer in the Open University (Historical and Social Methodologies, eLearning).
1993-Present: Consultant and Lecturer for top Israeli Organizations (I.D.B., Bank Leumi, Bezeq, ClickSoftwae, MagicSoftware).
1993-1995: Advisor to the Minister of Education, the State of Israel.
Member of the Board, The israeli Authority for Small and Medium Business, The Ministry of Industy, the state of Israel. (1993-1994).

Ref: I06P0459