The Impact of Teachers’ Gender on the Formation of Attitudes of second and Third Grade Senior High School Students Towards Language and Mathematics

Maria Kavalierou
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The investigation of the factors which contribute to the reproduction of gender inequalities in modern society continues to be an important issue on which sociological research focuses. Frequently, those factors are sought in family settings during the phase of primary socialization of a child and in school settings during the phase of secondary socialization. In this paper we focus on the latter. More specifically, we present the findings of a qualitative survey on the impact of teachers’ gender on the formation of attitudes of second and third grade senior high school students towards school subjects and more specific Language and Mathematics. In 26 personal and group interviews, 32 students (girls and boys) and 4 teachers from senior high school in Rhodes town and the countryside reported their experiences and beliefs. The students represended different directions of studies and had experience of male and female teachers. From the survey, it emerged that despite the fact that the teachers’ gender alone is not capable of contributing to the formation of attitudes, is a factor which, under specific circumstances and in combination with other factors, cab affect some students’ attitudes towards school subjects such as Language and Mathematics

Keywords: Model, Attitude, Stereotype, School, School subjects
Stream: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Gender
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Maria Kavalierou

Dept of Primary Education, University of the Aegean

Maria Kavalierou is a primary school teacher. She holds a Master of Gender Studies and is also PhD Candidate in Dept of Sciences in Pre-School Education and Educational Design of the University of Aegean. She works in the Dept of Primary Education of University of Aegean as a teacher in the subject of History. Her research interests focus on gender inequalities in education.

Ref: I06P0480