Greek Primary School Teachers’ Understanding of the ‘cross-Curricular’ and the ‘Project Method’ Teaching Approaches Applied in Classrooms

Dr. Stavroula Kaldi
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The present study focuses on Greek teachers’ understanding about the cross-curricular and the project method teaching approaches applied in primary schools. During 2003 the new ‘Cross-Curricular Integrated Frame of Programmes of Study’ (CCIFPS) for all compulsory education was legalised, however, teachers did not receive any extended training, except an introductory session, and action was left to what they understood.
Therefore, it seems to be of significance to find out what actually teachers know about cross-curricular teaching, how this is clarified in their minds and what do they know about the application of cross-curricular topics and the project method. Do they perceive the two as one and do they apply either or both in their teaching in order to meet the expectations of the new frame of Programmes of Study? To answer those questions we carried out this study and constructed a questionnaire which was given out to primary school teachers from different regions of the country. We decided to focus on teachers who teach in primary schools (year 1 to year 6), because cross-curricular and integrated teaching can be applied to this stage of education by the class teacher himself/herself, compared to the lower secondary school in which different speciality teachers need to co-operate before applying cross-curricular teaching.

Keywords: Primary school teachers, Understanding, Cross-curricular teaching, The ‘project method’ of teaching
Stream: Education and Social Welfare
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Greek Primary School Teachers’ Understanding of the ‘Cross-Curricular’ and the ‘Project Method’ Teaching Approaches Applied in Classrooms

Dr. Stavroula Kaldi

Department of Primary Education, University of Aegean

She conducted undergraduate studies at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece in Education and then postgraduate studies at Sussex University in the UK (MA and PhD in Education). Her doctoral theses focused on the project method of teaching in English and Greek primary schools regarding the promotion of the European Dimension. She worked as a pre-school and primary school teacher in English schools as well as in Greek schools of the Hellenic societies in the UK. Later, she taught ‘Comparative Education’, ‘European Dimension in Education’, ‘Teaching Methodology’ and ‘Intercultural Education’ in undergraduate courses at the following Universities: Aegean University, University of Thessaly and University of Peloponnese in Greece. Her postdoctoral research interests include a) students concept maps about Europe, b) cross-curricular teaching of the contemporary art in primary schools, c) multicultural paradigms of teaching in primary schools, d) primary school teachers understanding and application of the cross-curricular and project method teaching approaches. Presently she is a senior lecturer on ‘Teaching Methodology’ at the University of Thessaly, she is in charge in two out of four stages of the teaching practice for pre-service trainee teachers and involved in a large scale research project about school prospects and teaching the roma children in Greece.

Ref: I06P0481