Quo Vadis Social Sciences? Appropriating Ground in the Indeterminacy of Knowldge Crisis - The Role of Qualitative Social Work Research

Dr. Eileen Oak
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Drawing upon my Ph.D. research in this area, the paper examines the discursive dimensions of social policy oriented research, which has coincided with the indeterminacy of knowledge crisis in the social sciences. It considers the implications of the indeterminacy crisis for the legitmation of both the natural and social sciences, and evaluates the contribution qualitative social work research can make to the development of new normative foundations in the social sciences, in particular sociology.The issue is explored within the context of the social exclusion debate in contemporary UK welfare by reflecting upon the discursive dimensions of social inclusion policies for children and young people in the United Kingdom.

Keywords: Discursive Dimesnions of Science, Normative Foundations of Social Science, Social Exclusion and Inclusion
Stream: Sociology and Geography, Politics, Public Policy and Law, Education and Social Welfare, Research Methodologies, Quantitative and Qualitative Methods
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Quo Vadis Social Sciences?

Dr. Eileen Oak

Lecturer (Social Work), School of Community, Health Sciences, and Social Care,
University of Salford,
Allerton Building
Fredrick Road,
Salford.Greater Manchester, UK. MP6 6PU, University of Salford


Lecturer in the social work on the degree and masters degree programmes. Specialising in child care social work, social work theories, skills and methods for practice and social policy. Particular research interests include: the impact of social constructionism in the natural sciences, the contribution of qualitative social research to the development of new normative foundations in the social sciences, and the impact of biomedical discourses on social work and social policy research.

Ref: I06P0008