Relation Between Some Personality Traits and Criminal Activity of Juvenile Offenders in Croatian Juvenile Prison

Neven Ricijas,
Anita Jandric
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This paper examines the juvenile offenders position in today’s juvenile justice system, and presents today’s criteria for imprisonment of juveniles in the Republic of Croatia. It also gives legal terms that regulate realization of this punishment.

Statistical data regarding the number of the juvenile prison sentences through the period of the past fifteen years have also been presented, with the analysis of criminal offences made by juveniles in the last five years and adjudged sentences.

Research was conducted on all male juvenile prisoners in the Juvenile Prison in Požega from 2003 to 2006 (N=93). Prison in Požega is the only juvenile prison in the Republic of Croatia. Therefore, this sample includes total population of male juvenile prisoners in this period. Data on criminal activity, family circumstances and education were collected by prison staff members who work with juveniles on daily basis, while data on personality traits were collected from the Croatian Center of Psychosocial Diagnostics in Zagreb Prison, where juveniles spent one month before coming to juvenile prison. The main goal of this paper is to present relation between some personality traits of imprisoned juveniles and their criminal activity (crime offences, previous offences, previous sentences etc.).

Keywords: Juvenile Prison, Criminal Activity, Personality Traits
Stream: Psychology, Cognitive Science and the Behavioural Sciences
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Neven Ricijas

Assistant, University of Zagreb (Croatia)
Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation Sciences
Department of Behavioral Disorders, Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation Sciences

Zagreb, Croatia

Anita Jandric

Young Scientific Researcher, University of Zagreb
Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation Sciences
Department of Criminology, Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation Sciences

Zagreb, Croatia

Ref: I06P0080