The Development of Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies Curriculum in Hong Kong: Problems and Possibilities Interdisciplinary Curriculum

Dr Joe Tin-yau Lo,
Dr Sum Cho Po
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In Hong Kong, the recent curriculum reform has scheduled the introduction of a core curriculum named Liberal Studies at senior secondary level in 2009, alongside the mandatory subjects of English Language, Chinese Language and Mathematics. In fact, the subject was introduced as an optional one for the Advanced Supplementary Level Examination in 1991. And it is the first time that an interdisciplinary curriculum will be made mandatory for every senior secondary school/student. During the consultation periods of the curriculum development in 2005-2006, various stakeholders expressed different views and concerns about the future implementation of the subject. In response, the Curriculum Development Institute (Education and Manpower Bureau) has been conducting talks, forums and professional development courses to address some of the issues and concerns, in addition to making curricular adjustments.

This paper will adopt the method of documentary analysis that brings all official policy papers, curriculum guides/documents, stakeholders’ feedback and prior research into critical scrutiny. It aims to: i) identify the misconceptions and pitfalls that may problematize or flunk the implementation of the curriculum in and after 2009; and ii) explore the possibilities for addressing the issues and concerns with reference to prior local and international experiences in implementing interdisciplinary curriculum. It is expected that this paper could contribute to the actual implementation of the curriculum in the school context in Hong Kong, in addition to enriching the experiences or repertoire for further research on interdisciplinary curriculum.

Keywords: Interdisciplinary Curriculum, Liberal Studies
Stream: Education and Social Welfare
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Dr Joe Tin-yau Lo

Senior Lecturer, Department of Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences and Technology, The Hong Kong Institute of Education
Hong Kong

Dr. Joe Lo has research interest and publications in the areas of civic education, history education, comparative education, Hong Kong Studies and China Studies.

Dr Sum Cho Po

Senior Lecturer, Department of Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences and Technology, Hong Kong Institution of Education
Taipo, Hong Kong

Ref: I06P0085